The Visionary Behind Goyal Housing – GOHO, Gwalior

Behind every successful business, there’s a lot of hard work, planning, consistency & determination. When we talk about a successful business people often see the perks of being successful rather than the amount of hard work and sweat it has taken.

One of the established names in Gwalior’s Real Estate is Goyal Housing – GOHO, the main root of inspiration and vision behind GOHO is Late Shri Harishankar Goyal. A true leader who is also known as the Creator of Modern Gwalior. His positive thinking, leadership, vision, and the ability to rise above the toughest made him a recognized name in the Real Estate Market. He believed in direction rather than distance and fulfilled his dream of building houses for more than 10,000 families since 1960. He is the person behind the establishment of all the major residential colonies of Gwalior such as Harishankarpuram, Gandhi Nagar, Ashok Vihar Colony, Kanti Nagar, Suresh Nagar, Gayatri Nagar, Subhash Nagar, Bhagwan Colony, Mahaveer Colony, Ratan Colony, Ashok Colony, and Hariom Colony.

He was born in Bharatpur, Rajsthan and received his early education. In his early days, he learned about the importance of culture, discipline, positivity, modesty. He pursued B.A. in Maharani Jaya Degree College, Bharatpur, and then L.L.B in Agra College, Agra. After finishing his higher education, He worked as a junior lawyer under Jagdamba Prasad Pandey for two years.

He returned to Gwalior in 1955 to handle the family business and started new innings of his life. There had been several instances in his life when he faced all the difficulties and challenges like a true leader. He was a business-oriented person from the beginning and a pioneer who changed the face of Real Estate in Gwalior.

Major Residential Colonies developed by him:

  • Ratan Colony
  • Gandhi Nagar
  • Ashok Colony
  • Kanti Nagar
  • Ashok Vihar Colony
  • Hari Om Colony
  • Subhash Nagar
  • Suresh Nagar
  • Bhagwan Colony
  • City Center (Site No.1, 2, 3)
  • Mahaveer Colony
  • Harishankar Puram

In City Center, which is Gwalior’s prime location, he developed colonies in site no 1, site no 2, and site no 3. Ratan Colony, Gandhi Nagar, Harishankar Puram, Ashok Colony, etc all these are major residential areas of Gwalior.

He also established Harishankar Goyal Welfare Trust with the objective of charity for various educational and religious institutions.

He was a pioneer who changed the face of Real Estate in Gwalior, a person with strong work-ethics someone who didn’t know the meaning of giving up. He is the vision and inspiration behind Goyal Housing – GOHO, Gwalior.

We, at Goyal Housing – GOHO, are fulfilling his dream by providing affordable and luxurious residential solutions in Gwalior. His son Mr. Ashok Goyal (Mentor & Chairman, GOHO) and His grandson Mr. Tarun Goyal (Founder, GOHO) are carrying his legacy forward.

Goyal Housing – GOHO, is bringing first themed based township in Gwalior “Goyal Flower City, A township close to Nature” featuring 101 ways of happiness ie. 101 different amenities in 11 different areas. The township is based on the theme of Flowers offering a luxurious lifestyle at affordable rates.

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