Why rent a house, when you can own it?

It’s a long-held debate as to whether to rent a house or own it. Many intellectuals, for decades, have been debating upon the topic. With their respective pros and cons of renting a house and owning it, both the options stand tall in front of decision makers.

But, with time, and also, various options, amenities and with lucrative schemes, owning a house is much easier and affordable nowadays. Now, perhaps, when you can own a house easily, then why rent it?

Let us take a look at some reasons stating why you should not rent a house and instead own it. Though there are many, let us take a broad look at some of the most credible ones.


A Roller Coaster of Emotions

You’ll make big decisions in your life, like college education, a first car, a Grand Reception, but none of them will be as emotional as purchasing a house. You’ll be excited, confused, anxious, nervous, but once you buy it, the emotion which lasts is “PRIDE”.

When you own a home, or purchase a house, even with the help of mortgages or loan, it’s your own home, which you and your family solely own. This sensation gives you a real feeling of pride. By investing your hard works or your family’s hard work earnings, you and your family purchase a house for it.

It is an undeniable fact for an Indian household that purchasing a house for them is one of their major achievements and feeling of pride.


Boost to the Status and Reputation

When you own a house, your status and reputation within society get improved. Friends, family, and acquaintance recognize the person. That recognition, you receive, is very credible and increases your reputation overall.


A Sense of Motivation and Urge

When you had finally purchased your own home, with your earnings of dedicated hard work and efforts, you will get an urge to do more and a motivation, which will drive you to invest more efforts and do more hard work. This will eventually lead to a healthy state of mind and good thoughts.


A Life’s Objective

The ache for buying home lives in all of us because it is the safest place where we can go and not get questioned. There is no doubt that, in our Indian culture, there is an objective to purchase a self-owned house. This life objective is for what many people invest their efforts into and considered as a milestone in the lives of people.

Many people, dream to own their own house and while their time and efforts away into realizing those dreams. Perhaps, it is an objective, moreover a life’s objective upon which, they invest years of work, into realizing it.

Achieving this objective is a big morale boost for people, as accomplishing a life goal is a very lucrative achievement. Accomplishing such goals is for what, people work for. Also, the house falls into basic necessities of people, and further, it gets converted into an objective. And when you reach this milestone, it gives you a morale boost. Really, buying your own house is not only a luxury but a necessity.


Security & Stability

When you own your own house, you have a special feeling of safety and security among yourself and your family. This is due to the fact that you would not feel the adverse effects of the price increase and inflation when you are in your own house. While in a rented house, inflation would eventually increase the cost of rent to rise up and you will have to pay them. Perhaps, with a house that you own, it is only you and your family, whom having the keys of the house and no one would knock your door coming to ask for rent, there will be no one to question you upon your house.


Home Sweet Home

Admit it! You feel most comfortable when you are in your own home. No other place can match the comfort and feel of own house. This feel, is not present in a rented house, although, if you own it, you’ll definitely feel the safest and most comfortable at your own home.


Return on Investment – Price is what you pay, value is what you get

There is no Doubt that a House is an asset, which value will eventually increase over the years. Though mortgage installments may take a while to finish, there will eventually be an end to the EMI’s and you will incorporate the rest of the years of your life, enjoying your own house without stress and tensions of rent and EMI’s. You can even look paying off EMI’s as saving for your own house as a pension. In the occasion that the rent for a house is 15000 rupees a month, paying off home loan EMI’s will just be the same as it will save the cost you will be spending if you rented the home. The average life expectancy of an individual is increasing and it means that you will enjoy your house a lot.

On average, houses and residential properties appreciate about 3% to 8% a year. This figure will differ based on location and city wise in contrary to inflation and prices, this makes the home buying as one of the most optimal and best investments a person or a family can make.

Moreover, Real estate has made more fortune for people than anything else. Most of the wealthy people have a real estate portfolio with them. Moreover, there is a proper reason why people buy homes and count this as one of their life objectives. It is not just a good living accommodation that you own, but a good investment with respect to time. When you retire in your 60’s, you do not have to pay rents and other charges if the house is already paid off and eventually, the amount of money that you have made over years, can be realized and it will be tax-free up to a certain amount.


Mortgages/ Home Loans & Yojanas

In today’s economy, getting a home loan or mortgage for a home loan is relatively easy that it was used to do before. People can now avail home loans, for a longer tenure and at an attractive rate of interest. Many banks are offering many lucrative schemes, vouchers, and gifts to avail home loans from them. Perhaps, home loans are one of the most secure credit offerings for a bank also.

Many real estate companies do offer home loan assistance for their customers, and also help them to comply with all processes and procedures.

Also, by the efforts of our political leaders, a new scheme named “Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana”, which, general people will get subsidy in purchasing their first home. There is a specific criterion for eligible people as,

You’ll get the subsidy if…

1. Your household income is between Rs. 6-18 lakh. This includes a combined income of husband and wife.

2. You are buying your first house

3. It is new construction.


Freedom to Customize

When you own your own house, you have complete independence to customize it the way you want, develop it the way you like, and live in the way you desire. While, if you reside in a rented home, you would probably end up with limited or even no customization options. In India, a house is a family’s pride and the more good and sophisticated it looks, the better it gets, and you could do various different alterations to your home design while planning for next. This makes buying a home, instead of renting, an optimal choice for every individual confused between the two options.


Goyal Housing – Converting Dreams into Reality

With an aim to convert general people dreams into reality, Goyal Housing, also known as GOHO, is bringing Goyal Flower City in City Center, Gwalior. It is the first time for people of Gwalior to enjoy such luxury surrounded by beautiful greenery in a theme based township.

Flowers bring joy, freshness, and fragrance into our lives. Just imagine the concept of such luxury in a themed city with ample of parking space, luxurious features, outdoor chess and more, at an affordable price. It has been brought by Goyal housing a.k.a GOHO under the guidance of Mr Tarun Goyal and led by the Vision of Late Shri Harishankar Goyal & Shri Ashok Goyal The Luxurious properties offered in terms of plots, flats, and villas, at Gwalior; include a concept of 101 ways of Happiness. The 101 Ways of happiness used by GOHO’s Goyal Flower City is based on 101 Amenities offered by Goyal housing at Goyal Flower City. The 101 Ways of Happiness or 101 Amenities include many different things like double height drawing rooms, outdoor chess, pool, and many more.

The concept behind GOHO’s 101 Amenities is that the Villa’s available in Goyal Flower city offers all these amenities, which aren’t present anywhere in Gwalior. The property includes all desired luxurious factors a household demands in an individual home and also at a residential society, which is, in this case, is a Themed City by Goyal Housing – The Flower City



In the end, would like to conclude – Don’t wait to buy your own house at GOHO, buy it and then wait.

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