Sharp your Brain with Outdoor Chess at Goyal Flower City.

We all know that playing games and sports increase our reaction speed and assist in brain development. And a special game, originated in India, is renowned all over the world as a game for geniuses. Though, the game is being played traditionally for years, but now, a popular trend for outdoor chess is being circulated, which has now, converted this thing to a fun loving game, which all loves to play and enjoy things at same time. People are now investing their time into playing these, socialize more, and increase their abilities at same time.

This trend has broken the stereotypes by making this game more enjoyable s people are now engaging more, and it’s more of a public attraction as outdoor chess also looks so visually rich and good. Not all places incorporate this amenity, but some luxurious and renowned real estate sites and location, do have this rare trend. Goyal Flower City is the first location in Gwalior circle to bring this trend for the people of Gwalior.

If you have an outdoor chess in your locality, there are plenty of benefits of that, let’s take a look at some of them-

A Way to Socialize

Having an outdoor chess in your locality, is a great way to socialize. Kids will love the place and won’t wait to take their hands on their favorite dice, and moreover, gradually building up their skills and increasing brain function at same time. Also, for neighbors and visiting friends, it will be a great place to socialize and hangout as they will also enjoy this game. Moreover, if there is party or a get-together, then these sorts of outdoor chess will be center of attraction and will also engage more people into it.

Also, these sorts of places would be really calming and also will act like a stress buster. People coming back from their work with complete tiredness, will come to this place and relieve their mind and body by plying Giant Dices with their friends and family. Also, if you are having some visiting friends or relatives, taking them to these places will for sure, add a memory into their minds.

A New Tradition

If you are worrying about your kids, becoming smartphone slaves, spending their most of time on phones/laptops, then these outdoor chess games, will be a perfect thing to start a new tradition of playing these giant dices game, either on a daily or occasional basis. This will induce them to stop giving their time to smartphones/laptops to start spending time with their family.

Once you have initiated this trend to play these games on a regular basis, your kids will eventually start to carry forward this trend for years and will start to initiate these games on their own. Imagine, having a family’s owngiant dice tournament to have fun with and soon these sort of games and occasions, will become a sweet part of your family’s tradition.

We now know that giant dice or outdoor chess is a great game to play and enjoy, but the question then comes, that, Where you going to find these enjoyable places?

The answer is Goyal Flower City. It’s the first prime residential concept, bringing world class amenities and luxury for people of Gwalior. Goyal Flower City is also the first prime residential project, bringing the concept of Giant dice for the people of Gwalior. No other Residential city or project has these amenities with them.

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