Own a Villa with Double Height Drawing Room

Double height drawing rooms are flawless, they look so elegant and visually compelling while adding a charm to your reputation at the same time. Double height drawing rooms incorporate a unique touch and space in them, which makes them so rich in look and feel. Moreover, Double Height rooms are associated with status and luxury, thus owing a house, with a Double Height Drawing Room will add poise, elegance and will enhance your personal status.


Here are some more benefits, a person would enjoy if their house property incorporates a double height drawing room.


More Spacious and Comfortable

More Spacious and Comfortable
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It is no doubt that a double height drawing room will be incorporating more space and height than a single height drawing room. The additional height present in the double height drawing room gives a sense of extra space and cleanliness to the room. And it’s a human preference, the bigger, and the better. Due to the presence of extra height, the room looks big and spacious than others.


When there is plenty of space for things, you can utilize those things as your own preference and taste, and make it a piece of art to showcase to your guests, friends, and acquaintance. The sleek look of your double height drawing room will add a dilemma into your house and makes it stand apart from others. Also, the amount of comfort and feel, which a person will be getting in a double height drawing room, will be more than others.


A reflector of Status and Personality

A reflector of Status and Personality


Imagine walking into someone’s house, with fine infrastructure and interior, there is a double height living room with artworks on high walls, high ceiling, and spacious interior. Whoever, walking into the drawing room, will be impressed by the room. It will relatively add to your status with a prime feel of luxury. Having a house with a double height drawing room will be a charm on your status.


Normally, Indian houses or properties don’t have double height drawing rooms. Most of the time, it is believed that it’s a high-class amenity and an article of distinction which only riches experience. But, that’s not the case now as you can now own a house with double height drawing rooms at affordable prices in Goyal Flower City, Gwalior.


More Space for More Happiness

More Space for More Happiness


The height of the double height drawing room gifts the owner with plenty of wall space for themselves. The owner thus can utilize those spaces for various different things like artworks, paintings, showcases, and many more. This feature of double height drawing rooms grants their owners to flaunt their room with various different things and impress whoever walks into them. Your guests and friends, coming to visit, will then be waiting to visit there again and witness the beauty of the house.


The high rise walls can be used for large paintings, modern artwork, and more, and eventually, those pieces of art will indulge into the room, making the room itself a piece of art.


If a person is residing in such places or flats, then the amount of satisfaction and peace of mind they will receive is much more than a normal house. Purchasing house is considered as one of the major life’s objectives of some people and thus purchasing one with such great features, will just comply with the dedication and expectations of someone. 


But the Question then arises that how can you purchase a house with double height drawing room?

But the Question then arises that how can you purchase a house with double height drawing room?


Well, the answer is Goyal Flower City, by Goyal Housing a.k.a GOHO. It is a prime residential theme city located at the palm of nature, located in City Centre, Gwalior. The Goyal Flower City, by Goyal Housing, has hundreds of amenities and double heightened drawing rooms are just some of them. The site offers 4-5 BHK Villas with Double Height living rooms in all of them. With such luxurious offerings and presence at a prime location, Goyal Flower city by Goyal Housing, offers a prime residential place with perfectly designed infrastructure, 101 Amenities of Happiness and many more irresistible features for their residents.


The Luxurious properties offered at very affordable prices, in terms of plots, flats, and villas, which also include a unique offering of 101 ways of Happiness. The 101 Ways of happiness used is based on 101 Amenities offered by Goyal housing. The GOHO’s 101 Ways of Happiness or 101 Amenities include many different things like double height drawing rooms, outdoor chess, pool, and many more.


GOHO’s Goyal Flower city is a perfect theme city for residential endeavours looking for a proper place with ample of parking space, safety and security, desired amenities and at a proper location at affordable prices. People can easily avail Home loan under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana to purchase a property there. And moreover, you’re getting double height drawing room.


The theme city has been brought by Goyal housing a.k.a GOHO under the guidance of Mr Tarun Goyal and led by the Vision of Late Shri Harishankar Goyal and Shri Ashok Goyal. With an aim to convert general people dreams into reality, Goyal Housing is bringing the project in Gwalior. It is the first time for people of Gwalior to enjoy such a place surrounded by beautiful greenery in a theme based township.

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