EMI or Rent! Which is more beneficial?

A question, which has been confusing buyers is whether to purchase a home on monthly installments or to pay a monthly rent to the landlord. Both the options have their own set of merits and demerits. But having a preference for one option is thus based on factors and consequences.

In this article, we will compare both the options based on different variables and try to come up with a conclusion which can assist people to make wiser decisions and can choose between the options to whether to buy a home on EMI or rent it.

Paying monthly, but for different causes

When you purchase your dream home via a Home Loan with Equated Monthly Instalments, You’re bound to pay a fixed amount of money per month to the bank or the financial authority who granted the loan. With each installment or EMI, the principal amount or the Loan amount of your home gets reduced. So, slowly and by paying EMI’s on time, one gets closer to realize the dream of owning a home while at the same time, living inside it.

While, when you rent a house, you are still liable to pay a monthly fixed amount to live in it. Unlike EMI’s, in which you slowly pay for your house, in renting, you pay monthly to just live in the house owned by someone else. Even after paying an equivalent amount of money, one cannot call that the home belongs to him or her.

Same monthly expense, two different situations

In today’s world, whether you rent a house or take a home loan, the amount you have to spend per month is more or less the same. When you spend on rent, you are just spending money to have permission to live in it, while when you pay EMI for a home; you’re still living inside it with complete rights and slowly converting a bank owned property to self-own.

The rent rates in today’s world are not much budget friendly considering a good location and infrastructure. Whereas, with ease in availing home loans and loan tenure available for a longer duration, EMI’s are no longer unaffordable for families.  Therefore, in today’s era, EMI’s more or less, cost the same as rent, depending on factors.

A sense of security and pride

With landlords becoming more cautious and placing several restrictions like limiting the number of years one can live or no development options, it is becoming very restrictive and bound for people living on rent. Even though, in many cases, landlords increase the amount of rent annually or based on their preference. Thus having a proper rent agreement is always considered as a beneficial option in renting.

Whereas, with the support of various schemes, affordable homes, reduced interest rate and preferences for first time home buyers, it’s now easy to purchase a home and on lower EMI’s.

While there are many restrictions with living in a home on rent, a family or household living inside their own home on EMI will be enjoying more satisfaction and sense of security than living on rent.

Better value in the long run

If we compare the value of renting and EMI in the long run, there are several benefits of paying EMI versus paying rent. While in the starting, EMI’s or rent both feel heavy on a family’s pockets. As time fades, the salaries and incomes also increases, but with an increase in income, the EMI’s still remains the same and after a time, doesn’t feel heavy on the pockets.

But in case of rent, it increases with time, not much high, but still considering the rise in income level, rent does increases over time.

Goyal Flower City – Assisting people to realize their dreams

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