Five Things About Goyal Flower City You Need To Know Before Buying Home

Purchasing a Luxury Villa for yourself and your family is something, everyone wants to do. It’s an unexplainable experience that is priceless and pleasurable. But most people out there don’t get to realize their dreams of purchasing a luxury villa due to skyrocketed prices. When most of the people out there planning to finally realize their dream by purchasing their own house, they expect to get best for their money. But, its not the case as always.

But there is one place, where a buyer can enjoy best of both world, luxury villa and affordable prices; Goyal Flower City.

Goyal Flower City is a premium residential theme city located at New City Centre in Gwalior. It offers all the desired things a household dreams for. It’s a prime concept by Goyal Housing Aka GOHO to provide highly affordable luxurious villas to people. Goyal Flower City has 101 different Amenities which is termed as 101 Ways of Happiness by Goyal Housing.

Here are 5 Facts about GOHO Flower City you need to know before buying a new home:

  • A Double Height Drawing Room

One of the most sought-after thing of Goyal Flower City Luxury villas is the Double Height Drawing room. Double height drawing rooms are no doubt, look elegant. It adds a luxurious and different air to living spaces.

All Luxury Villas in Goyal Flower City come with Double Height Drawing rooms. Not many theme cities or townships have this amenity for their homeowners, but Goyal Housing makes sure that whoever takes the decision to choose Goyal Flower City, he/she must get the best bang for their buck.

Having a Luxury of Double Height Drawing room at your home, you can do a lot of things like customizing it, using walls for collectibles, paintings, pictures, and much more. It just opens a whole lot of opportunities for you to customize your dream home and make it a piece of art.

  • A Dream Home, in the Lap of Nature

Nowadays, the environment is extremely polluted. Because of which, people are confined to the four walls of their houses. People do not like to play outdoor, children do not like to go to parks. But if you choose Goyal Flower City, you will be amidst nature.

You’ll enjoy a fresh, breathable environment at Goyal Flower City. The theme city incorporates all such required things. With Trees and greenery surrounding the whole city, you’ll enjoy living in fresh lap of nature in Goyal Flower city.

  • The First Theme city of Gwalior

Gwalior is a small but indeed a beautiful city with a unique and remarkable history of its own. The city is filled with loving people, heritages and much more. But unlike any another metropolitan city, Gwalior did not have a premium residential city or a theme-based city, until Goyal Flower City.

Goyal Housing brought the first-ever theme-based township in Gwalior and with 101 unique amenities for the people choosing it. The residents of Gwalior now have an option to choose a household in luxurious themed city,  and that too at a highly affordable price.

  • The Convenience of Connectivity

A Place’s connectivity to major places is what every homeowner thinks while purchasing a new house. Having major hospitals, shopping complexes, schools, etc. nearby becomes essential in decision making.

Goyal Flower City is built at such a location, that it gives you connectivity to all major places in the city at its quickest. With Schools, colleges, Hospitals and shopping zones at a few minutes away, you get the advantage of a superior location. If you choose Goyal Flower City, you get the best connectivity possible.

  • The 101 Amenities of Happiness

One of the most unique features or we can say, USP of Goyal Flower City is the 101 Unique Ways of Happiness. Goyal Flower City is a complete package to buy homes as it offers all amenities people wish for. If you choose Goyal Flower City, you will have 101 unique ways to feel proud of your decision.

The 101 Ways of Happiness offered by Goyal Flower City incorporates all the demanded and desired things by homeowners which makes Goyal Flower City as the best option to choose.

  • Goyal Flower City – The Address of Happiness

Goyal Flower city is a premium theme city in Gwalior built by Goyal Housing AKA GOHO which has all the modern amenities desired by today’s modern households. the project offers 4 BHK and 5 BHK luxury Villas. With ample parking space, complete arrangements of safety and security, and at affordable prices. With the high-class infrastructure and facilities, the Goyal Flower City by GOHO offers a complete package of joy to their residents in Gwalior.

The Goyal Flower city by Goyal Housing a.k.a GOHO is Gwalior’s first theme City located in city center surrounded by greenery and offers class living and 101 ways of happiness or 101 Amenities. It’s a premium residential project by Goyal Housing under the impeccable guidance of Mr. Tarun Goyal who is carrying forward the legacy of Late Shri Harishankar Goyal and Shri Ashok Goyal. The Goyal Flower City of Goyal Housing is a project which is finely designed and planned with all modern family needs keeping in mind.

The prices for such lavish and desired properties are way too much, but with a noble vision of whole Goyal Housing group, Goyal Flower city offers lavish properties and luxury at affordable rates with complete assistance in acquiring Home Loans and benefits from Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, So that people can enjoy living with 101 Ways of happiness or with 101 Amenities without breaking their bank.

In the end, would like to conclude – Don’t wait to buy your own house at GOHO’s Goyal Flower City, buy it and then wait.

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