Benefits of Investing in a theme city- Goyal Flower City

When you are planning to purchase a home of your dreams, you would probably end up, deciding between, different locations for same 2 or 3 bedroom apartments. These apartments will have regular power cuts, water every two days, and more. Wouldn’t it be more satisfying than if you reside in a place which is spacious, well ventilated, spread in a lush green area with schools nearby, a hospital which is some streets away, shopping centers on just a call away, and other nearby facilities? And guess what? You can get these and more facilities at affordable prices. All these things come packed in Gwalior’s first ever theme based township- Goyal Flower City.

Theme townships or Theme City, as their name depicts, are based on a certain theme, and the entire infrastructure and environment get incorporated into that theme. These townships are precisely designed and built with all elements keeping in mind. These townships though differ from each other on some parameters, they all offer spacious places, visually appealing surrounding, beautiful infrastructure, and various other amenities.

These townships have something unique to offer to whomever who is planning to buy a home in a township. Like, Goyal Flower City, a theme city situated at City Center Gwalior. The Goyal Flower City offers residents, a Flower theme based township, with 101 various luxurious amenities, or 101 Ways of Happiness. The theme is a unique flavor to the township. Flowers add colors to our mood, joy and temperament every day.

Here are some few more benefits of investing in a theme city or township 


Pleasing environment

A theme township offers a highly pleasing and beautiful environment around them. Built with precision, these townships or small cities are packed with nature, greenery and an environmental friendly approach for the residents. Imagine, a beautiful place, covered with hands of trees, with a sweet melody of nature and a clean environment, full of joy, happiness, and satisfaction. The beautifully constructed township is the way for residential to escape from the faceless concrete monstrosity, covered with street pollution and an overcrowded neighborhood.

These cities or townships, from the beginning, start incorporating greenery into their townships. As time passes through, the place becomes covered with lush greenery and trees. There are also several other benefits of a place with lush greenery like maintained temperatures, fresh air, birds and more.

The main advantage of living in such a beautiful place is that you get an exclusive aura. Also living at such places is also good for health. With a rise in air pollution, many people are forced to purchase air purifiers, in order to get a good quality breathable air. But, in such cities, nature does its job,by providing good quality fresh environment. The vast area, covered with lush greenery, is also much appealing to eyes.


Spacious and Private 

People, inside theme cities, are living in compressed boxes of concrete, with neighboring surrounding from every angle. Most of the people nowadays have an option of a 2/3 bedroom apartment or flat, with limited space and options. These properties come with very less privacy and space.

But, in theme townships or in theme cities, they tend to solve the due problems as the houses in these townships or cities are very spacious and private. Like in Goyal Flower City, residents have the option to choose between 4 BHK and 5 BHK spacious independent villas. These villas offer an ample of living space, beautiful surrounding, security and moreover, privacy.

With Guard room at 18 meters road entry, automated boom barrier entry, and exit, 1.5-meter high wall and more. Goyal Flower city has various security arrangements for their residents. Such things, that Goyal Flower city offers, or theme city offers, aren’t present in most of the city homes. These spacious, private and secure homes are one of the unique USP’s of theme cities or townships.


Exclusive Amenities and Luxury

Theme townships, or theme cities with their other great features and benefits, offers various other amenities and luxuries. Luxury living spaces or homes are dreams of many people. The peace of mind and aura that people get by living in these places is just exclusive. Though luxury comes with a heavy price tag, Goyal Flower City has done the job of bridging the gap between affordability and luxury by offering Luxurious property at affordable prices and various amenities.

Each theme city offers different amenities in accordance with its specific theme or choices. Those amenities include all such points required for a household to experience luxury and satisfaction all along. The Goyal Housing, under the guidance of Mr Tarun Goyal, carrying forward the vision created by Late Shri Harishankar Goyal and Shri Ashok Goyal, is a renowned brand known for Class and Quality.

Like in Goyal Flower City, the township offers 101 different amenities in 11 different areas like sport/games, Health and fitness, soft landscape, infrastructure, campus planning and more. The 101 Amenities, or 101 Ways of happiness provided by Gwalior’s first theme township, offers many exclusive and premium features in Gwalior like double height drawing room, Outdoor chess, multipurpose courts, signage within township and more.

On the Luxury side, Goyal Flower City offers 3 story VASTU FRIENDLY homes, with DOUBLE HEIGHT drawing rooms, quality spaces and more.


In the end, would like to conclude – Don’t wait to buy your own house at GOHO, buy it and then wait.



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